About Me

For thirty years, I’ve been involved in recruitment company transformation, from leadership and culture, the development and optimisation of the sales and business development function, organisational structure and market approach.

That’s thirty years of experience that could be channeled into your staffing company through my strategic consulting, mentoring and advisory services.

I take an active approach to the assignments I undertake. That can mean taking a leading role in business development, delivering learning and development modules, or other strategic initiatives to ensure these companies maximise their opportunity.

The objective is always to help create world class organisations with a strong culture centred around growth mindset, learning, customer centricity and quality that contribute to high yet managed growth.

My track record includes a broad spectrum of verticals and disciplines with companies like Computer People, Best International Group, Resource Solutions, James Harvard, Darwin Recruitment, Deverell Smith and Recruit4 Group.

To find out more, and to find out whether we’re a good match, get in touch!