Season’s Greetings and an Offer You Can’t Refuse

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The time has come to reflect back on the year that’s been, and start looking ahead to the new year. It’s all too easy to just lose oneself in the blur of it all, and pick up where one left off, without much reflection.

The truth is that the festive season is virtually (if not actually) created with contemplation in mind. What I tend to do, both personally and with my mentees, is to conduct an exercise where we take stock of the progress made over the last year, the wins and losses, the breakthroughs and setbacks, and then compare to our short, medium and long-term goals (surely you have them too?).

The exercise isn’t necessarily formal, and it doesn’t form part of any coaching or mentoring I do. It’s just for self-reflection and own benefit. I find that it helps me gain clarity and perspective. And even though it’s not really about work (but can be), I find that I come back in January with a clear focus and strong drive. I may even make it to the gym a few times…

In any event, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the past year, for being a great client, (hopefully) reading my blogs, listening and generally humouring me. I hope you will have a wonderful Christmas, with lots of love, laughter, rest and fun.

This year I’m also trying something new – I’ve decided to offer the first 20 new coachees or mentees 20% off the first five sessions.

There are no complicated T&Cs, just a straightforward offer of a deep saving. And if you’re not sure it’s for you, you will always be able to take advantage of a free consultation to try before you buy. The only thing I ask is that you book before the 31st of January 2019. Use the form below to book in a slot.


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